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High Precision Modul Signal Amplifier Voltage Microvolt MV AD620


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SKU: AD620


High Precision uV / mV Voltage Amplifier Small Signal Instrumentation Amplifier AD620 Transmitter

Using AD620 as the main amplifier, can amplify uV, mV voltage. Magnification 1.5-10000 magnification, adjustable. High precision, low offset, better linearity. Adjustable zero to improve accuracy. Can be used for AC, DC signal amplification. Module use, need to have a certain electronic basis, if no basis customers, please carefully purchase, shop to provide technical support.

Product Highlights:

1: wide supply voltage range, the AD620 amplification of this product can be amplified microvolts, millivolt, compared to LM358 amplification accuracy, better linearity, the maximum voltage output range of ñ 10V.

2: magnification range, magnification up to 1000 ti2mes, only through a potentiometer can be adjusted.

3: adjustable zero through the zero potentiometer to adjust the zero, improve accuracy, there will be no zero drift phenomenon to meet customer needs.

4: a negative voltage output, the module uses 7660A chip output negative voltage (-Vin), can be provided to the customer to drive other dual power load.

5: mini type, the size of 32 * 22mm, evenly distributed around the four 3mm positioning holes, both sides of the port 2.54mm standard pitch pinhole.

Product parameters:

Input voltage: 3-12VDC. (Bulk purchase can be customized)

magnification: 1.5-1000 times adjustable, zero adjustable

Signal input voltage: 100uV – 300mV

Signal output range: ñ (Vin-2V)

Negative voltage output: higher than -Vin. As the negative voltage chip output resistance problem, the actual output is higher than -Vin, the greater the load power, the greater the negative voltage drop.

Offset voltage: 50?V.

Input bias current: 1.0nA (max).

Common mode rejection ratio: 100 dB

Offset voltage drift: 0.6?V / ? (maximum).

Stability: 2?V / month maximum

Size: 32 * 22mm

Weight: 4g

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