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Modul Charger Aki Digital LCD Display Otomatis Cut Off 10A – Tanpa Casing


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SKU: f840b992ee8e


Tersedia 2 Varian

– Tanpa casing (module saja)

– Dengan Casing (casing akrilik sudah dirakit)


– Support Lead-acid battery and Acting Battery, voltage range:6V~60V;

– Dapat menampilkan tegangan, persen baterai, waktu pengisian pada saat yang sama

– Dapat mengontrol pengisian dg otomatis, waktu pengisian, juga dapat mengatur dan mengunggah parameter yang sesuai melalui port serial



Product Model:XY-L10A

Control voltage:DC6-60V

Control current:<10A

Control accuracy:0.1V

Output Type: Direct Output

Voltage error:ñ0.1V

Scope of application: various lithium batteries

Function description

Automatic Charge control function?

By setting the volt-HI:?UP? volt-LI:?dn?

When the battery voltage is below the volt-LI:?dn?,the relay leads,the charger begins to charge the battery;

when the battery voltage is up to volt-HI:?UP?,the relay is diconnected and the automatic charge is completed once

Parameter Setting

-Press and hold the SET key to enter the setting interface;

-Switch the parameters you want to set by short press SET;

-After the selection of parameters, can be set by the UP/DOWN key to support the short press, long press (fast increase or decrease); To set other parameters, repeat step b, c);

-After all parameters are set, long press set key to exit and save;

The Key Function Description:

In the Run interface (main interface)

Short press SET button to display the current set of parameters

Short press UP button, toggle display charge percentage and charging time;

Short Press DOWN button, select Turn on/off relay enabling, if the relay can be closed, will show ' off ' as a reminder;

Long press UP button, switch low power state

on?No operation in 10 minutes turn off backlight

OFF: Backlight is always bright

Long press SET button,enter the parameter settings.

Calculation of voltage percentage?

voltage percentage = battery voltage/(volt-HI ? volt-LI)

Package Includes:

1x Battery Charger Control Modul

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