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PWM to Voltage Module 0% -100% PWM convert to 0V – 10V


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PWM to Voltage Module 0% -100% PWM convert to 0V – 10V:

LC PWM turn voltage module LC-LM358-PWM2V can convert PWM digital signal into 0 to 10 v analog signals.Can be used in the PLC or other industrial panel switch signal interfaceBy adjusting the PWM duty ratios to adjust output voltage.Module size is small, easy to apply in different places.

2, Functional Characteristics

MCU embedded technology.

Easy to operate, can pass to fine-tuning potentiometer.

Through the short circuit choose PWM signal input level range.

Module is small, portable and easy to use.

Technical parameters:

Module working voltage: DC 12 v – 30 v.(power requirement: more than 100 mA)

PWM signal receiving frequency range: 1 KHZ – 3 KHZ;

PWM signal input level range:

Fengfeng value of 4.5 V to 10 V level, jump needle at 5 V.The class level signal mainly for conventional industrial control CARDS (e.g., MACH3 boards), 5 v CPU interface;

Fengfeng value between 12 and 24 v level, jump needle at 24 v.The class level signal mainly for conventional PLC interface.

PWM conversion range: 0% – 100% PWM conversion 0 to 10 v

Permissible error: 5%.

3, Introductions

VCC: work power 12 v – 30 v.

GND: working power

PWM: input PWM signal positive pole.

GND: the input signal is negative end.

VOUT: 0 to 10 v output voltage.

GND: output voltage.


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