160W 24Pin DC 12V Pico ATX Switch Power Supply Modul


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1. Name: DC 12V 160W 24Pin ATX High Power Supply Module
2. Material: plastic shell, metal
3. Size: (L*W*H):Approx. 5.4 x 3.3 x 1cm
4. Input voltage: +12V/DC(11.4-12.6V)
5. Input Current: Max. 17A
6. Output ATX: 160W
7. Output Current +12V: 8A
8. Output Current +5V: 8A
9. Output Current +3.3V: 8A
10. Output Current +5VSB: 1.5A
11. Output Current -12V: 0.1A
12. Output Power: 160W
13. Power Efficiency: > = 92%
14. Operating temperature: 0?~40?
15. Storage temperature: -20?~80?

MINI computers, one computer, POS, digital set-top boxes, ITX chassis, network servers, advertising, banking terminals, etc.


-Adopt industrial solid capacitor, ideal for being used in harsh environment
-High performance with high heat-stand feature, more reliable
-Without fan for 100% mute working
-Compact design, special for mini-itx and 1U case
-Modules can reach 160W, and it must be accompanied by the power adapter which reach 12V-12.5A

Package Included

1 x DC-ATX-160W Module
1 x Cable

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