Digital AC 220V 4000W SCR Voltage Regulator Speed Controller Dimmer


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Operating voltage: AC 220 V
Maximum power: 4000 W (resistive load connected)
Voltage Regulation: AC 0-220 V, Starts From AC 10 V
Dimensions: 91×59 (not include button) x 34 MM
Protection: Anti-Peak, Surge, RC Absorption (EOC)
how to use:
The input is connected with the AC 220V, output wire is connected to the electric cooker or appliance motor, turn the knob for speed, voltage, temperature control.
Some Applications:
Electric furnace, water heater, lamps, small motor, electric iron etc.
Charge does not exceed the maximum power, otherwise it will burn the module and electrical appliances; Use the resistive load as much as possible; Reduce the capacitive and inductive load of much energy. (It is best to leave more than half of them)

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