Digital Inclinometer Level Box Alat Ukur Sudut Dengan Magnet


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Digital Inclinometer Level Box Alat Ukur Sudut Dengan Magnet

High Precision Mini Digital Protractor Inclinometer Angle Finder Bevel Box with Magnet Base

> Features:
Relative measurement and absolute measurement conversion.
Conversion of angles and slopes.
Data locking is easy to read.
Single side with magnetic port.
5 minutes automatic closing function.
The portable ruler is convenient to cooperate with other measuring tools, and expands fan technical parameters. Measurement range: 4?90?.
Magnetic adsorption measuring surface, which can be adsorbed on the workpiece to be measured, absolute zero measurement based on the horizontal plane.
Applications: The most widely used fields are the precise cutting of wood angle (especially in furniture manufacturing industry); the precise control of assembly tire angle in automobile repair industry; the precise positioning of machine tool working angle in mechanical processing; and the rotation angle of large vehicle arm.

> Specifications:
Material: Plastic border.
Measurement range: 4×90?
Resolution: 0.05?
Accuracy: ?0.2?
Repeatability: 0.1?
Battery: AAA batteries x 2 (excluding tax)
Working temperature: 0-40?C
Size: 56 x 54 x 26 mm/2.2 x 2.13 x 1.02″

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