Digital Inclinometer Spirit Level Protractor Angle Gauge Meter Bevel


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This is a small item which can be carried in your toolbox or even a for pocket. It has magnets at the bottom to attach to any metal surfaces.
This is a Digital angle measuring tool which is ideal for:
checking/transferring angles
installing shelves and cabinets
levelling tiles and picture frames
measuring sloping roof angles
fitting windows and doors
and much more

Automatic LCD backlight;
Magnetic base;
Angle display in degrees;
Absolute and relative measurements of angle;
Automatic digit inversion for overhead measurements;

Measuring angle range: 4 X90 degree
Accuracy: 0.2 degree
Resolution:0.1 degree
Illuminated LCD display
Battery: 1 X AAA Battery (not Included)
Working temperature 10C-+50C

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