Elemen Pemanas Mesin Tetas Telur Inkubator Air Heater 220V 500W



Power Consumption:500W
Dimension of Fin:96*51mm
Dimension of Mounting hole:120*42mm


1.give out heating quickly and constant
2.longer life time
3.self-control temperature
4.keep stable power
5.small sound

PTC Insulative corrugated heater(PTC Air heater insulator,PTC Heater for warm air-conditioner) is a kind of large power Non-Surface-Electrified PTC heater with wind blowing.PTC element is fixed in aluminium tube and keep insulated with the aluminium tube.

PTC Insulated Ripple heating element are dynamic heating elements designed to heat up moving air.
The large surface area of the aluminum fins ensures a homogeneous heat transfer adjusting the air volume flow.
This system allows an automatic regulation of the heating power within certain ranges.
Due to the features, there are many application possibilities. In addition to the standard types, special versions for specific applications are available.

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