Modul Charger Aki Digital LCD Display Otomatis Cut Off 10A


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1.Support Lead-acid battery and Acting Battery,voltage range:6V~60V;
2.Can display voltage,percent of battery,charging time at the same time through LCD
3.The function is very powerful,realizes the automatic charge control,the control charge time, also may set up and uploads the corresponding parameter through the serial port

Product Model:XY-L10A
Control voltage:DC6-60V
Control current:<10A Control accuracy:0.1V Output Type: Direct Output Voltage error:?0.1V Scope of application: various lithium batteries ?.Function description 1.Automatic Charge control function: By setting the volt-HI:?UP? volt-LI:?dn?;When the battery voltage is below the volt-LI:?dn?,the relay leads,the charger begins to charge the battery;when the battery voltage is up to volt-HI:?UP?,the relay is diconnected and the automatic charge is completed once ?.Parameter Setting a)Press and hold the SET key to enter the setting interface; b)Switch the parameters you want to set by short press SET; c)After the selection of parameters, can be set by the UP/DOWN key to support the short press, long press (fast increase or decrease); To set other parameters, repeat step b, c); d)After all parameters are set, long press set key to exit and save; ?.The Key Function Description: In the Run interface (main interface): Short press SET button to display the current set of parameters; Short press UP button, toggle display charge percentage and charging time; Short Press DOWN button, select Turn on/off relay enabling, if the relay can be closed, will show ' off ' as a reminder; Long press UP button, switch low power state on:No operation in 10 minutes turn off backlight OFF: Backlight is always bright Long press SET button,enter the parameter settings. ?.Calculation of voltage percentage: voltage percentage = battery voltage/(volt-HI ? volt-LI) Package Includes: 1x Battery Charger Control Module

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