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Boost Converter Regulator LCD Display Step Up Power Supply Module 900W


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8-60V to 10-120V DC Converter High Precise LED Control Boost Converter DIY Voltage Transformer Module Regulator

Technical Parameters

Input voltage (U-IN): DC8V~60V

Input current: 0~15A

Output voltage (U-OUT): 10V~120V

Output current: 0~15A

Conversion efficiency: 85%

Working frequency: 150KHZ

Short circuit protection: 20A fuse (non-self-recovery)

Working temperature: -40~85

Control method: digital control + LCD screen display

Voltage adjustment display: 0.00V~00.0V~000V

Current adjustment display: 0.00A~00.0A

Output ripple: 50mV

Storeable array: 10 groups

Weight: 213g (net weight)

Size: 48mm100mm110mm (product)

Packing size: 90mm110mm120mm (electrostatic bag + carton packaging)

Weight with packaging: 267g

How To Use

1. Start boost

Manual boosting press and hold the OK button for 10 seconds to enter the interface and select AUTO-OFF as manual boosting. , Select AUTO-ON to automatically start the boost.

Click OK to start or stop the boost.

2. Set storage

In the setting mode, long press the SET button for 10 seconds to enter the data storage interface, and use the up and down keys to select 10 groups of data from 0 to 9, and press the SET button to save the settings.

3. Retrieve and access the array

In the normal interface, press and hold the SET button for 10 seconds to enter the storage and recall interface. You can select 10 data groups from 0 to 9 through the up and down keys, and press the SET button to confirm the recall

Package included:

1 * DC Converter 900W Boost Converter


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