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4-20mA PLC Signal Generator Current Transmitter 15-30V 2 Wire Output


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Output current: 3-21mA

Power supply voltage: 15-30V

Sampling impedance: 10-500ohm

Display accuracy: 0.05

Output accuracy: +/-0.5%

Operating instruction:

Manual Mode:

A. Manual mode to adjust output current: Rotate the encoder knob, clockwise to increase current while counter-clockwise to decrease current.

B. Manual mode to save output value: short press the encoder knob and then release, the screen will display “…”, which means the value is saved successfully. When you turn on the product next time, the output will be the value you saved. When debugging the product, we need to adjust the output value, but the output value will not change when you turn on the product unless you press the knob.

Dynamic Output Mode:

A. Dynamic output mode means cyclic automatically output the set programmable curve.

B. Parameters setting: Long press knob of the encoder for about 5 seconds to enter into the setting status.

a. Choosing working mode: The screen will display FUNX. X means the segment of the curve. Then you can rotate the knob to adjust the value of X. If X=0 which means no curve, manual mode is chosen. If X>0, dynamic output mode is chosen.

b. After choosing the working mode, press the knob. If X=0, it means exiting mode setting and enter into manual mode. If X>0, it means enter into setting the first segment of curve.

c.There are three parameters needing to be set in every curve, running time “tXXX”, initial current “AXXX”, termination current “bXXX”. When you enter into the setting interface of the 1st curve, the screen will display “t1XX” and then you can rotate the knob to adjust the value of XX. The range of running time is 1-99 seconds.

d. Press the knob again to enter into setting the initial current, the screen will display “A1XX” and then you can rotate the knob to adjust the value of XX. The range of current setting is 3-21mA.


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